Optimizing reach is what Ensiha's about.

You want to be where the engagement is. Ensiha Digital delivers the strategy that puts you at the heart of it. We cater primarily to small businesses and emerging music talent looking to rally new audiences, consistently engage existing bases or build on retention yields.

Ensiha is a play on an Akan variant of the term Amen, a catalyst - sɛbe, the Agency that delivered on design, efficient processes and that data-driven decision that sliced through the noise.

We are currently focused on creating/curating/chronicling mindful material through the #EnsihaTO/#EnsihaCA monocle, representing/highlighting talent and promoting the generation of advocates who kindle/kindled the values of love, clean energy, and innovative tech - all things digital, essentially.

We are based in Toronto, Ontario, catering to our burgeoning northern transatlantic tribe.

Singer/Songwriter and Ensiha Music lead act, Kwesi TumTum. Photo by Frank Nyame.