Lazarus and the 4th Day

On Lazarus, The Xeng tunnels through the deep emotions, overcoming abyssian depths. It's deep.

Kutu - When The Beat Drops.

Dance is a conduit through which certain undying energy perpetually manifests – Mestar Oscar knows this too well, seeing how he cleverly penned the sexually charged dance tune Kutu, reminiscent of certain hot afternoon days and cool blue nights under neon lights - ED

Agye Nyame

According to Kwesi TumTum, Agye Nyame is an anthem, a call to action. “It is the vibe that perks you up and gets you going, be it at the lounge or at the club or just turning up at home and safely indoors.” He features new artiste GemV formerly known as Gamffy (featured on Honey Bee) on this amapiano influenced song - Unorthodox Reviews

Give Dem

Zoltan O. Boakye presents a surreal angle to his latest amapiano-inspired dance record under Kwesi TumTum. He shares track with former high school bandmate Jeremy Phianyo, alias Worta D Jahson, for 'Give Dem', released as Froobie Da Noobz's second dance record produced with the avowed musical tribe leader of many cultures - ED

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